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Gráinne Clancy

Gráinne Clancy, BA, BA Honours, MIACP, graduated from the University of Dundee in Nursing in 2004 and received an undergraduate Diploma in Adult Nursing from RGU in 2002.  

She is a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Gráinne's 26-year career in nursing and social care and her Degree in Integrative Counselling from IICP (2016) fuel her passion for lifelong learning. Grainne's research and subsequent training in Menopause resulted in facilitating workshops and webinars on the Menopause transition, and she is a strong advocate for Women's Issues. 

Gráinne believes in the transformative power of counselling and psychotherapy to help clients navigate the complexities of Menopause and believes knowledge is power.  

Grainne enjoys networking, contributing to podcasts, and interviewing specialists in all areas of health. She has published articles in Nursing regarding mental health and networking.

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