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Dr Marina Curran

Treasurer Menopause Society of Ireland 

Dr. Marina Curran is a qualified GP with a burning passion for women's health, particularly in the realm of menopause care.

She is dedicated to ensuring that every woman receives the specialised care she deserves during this transformative phase of life.

Her journey into the world of medicine began at University of Galway, followed by the Western GP training scheme, graduating in 2003.

She has completed the British Menopause Society Specialist Training.

Her firm belief is that every woman should have access to specialist care throughout her menopause journey, so she can thrive with good proactive healthcare.

Dr Curran is the GP Clinical Lead in UHG and the founder of Misneach Menopause Clinic.

She has also worked in the Symptomatic Breast Unit in UHG for over 10 years.

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