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Dr Clare Cromwell


Co Chairperson Menopause Society of Ireland 

Dr Clare Cromwell is a graduate of UCD class of 2003. She is an experienced GP and Menopause Specialist in Cork City and works in Cork University Maternity Hospital in the Department of Gynaecology. 

She is a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners and a British Menopause Society accredited advanced menopause specialist. She also holds a certificate in community gynaecology from the ICGP and is a member of the International Menopause Society. 

She has a passion for educating medical colleagues and patients in all areas of women’s health and has been involved in the production of  gynaecology care pathways in CUMH improving patient management and referral systems and has provided online and in person webinars and meetings to medical colleagues in the area of menopause and preventative medicine.

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